This Innovative USB Drive Increases Online Account Security

6 thoughts on “This Innovative USB Drive Increases Online Account Security”

  1. On the down side, the courts have recently ruled that you while you may withhold a password, you cannot withhold your fingerprint as a form of your constitutionally assured right to silence.

    If you secure your life with your fingerprint, you risk losing all protections of your privacy.

  2. This is actually mighty helpful Nitin. So may times I have asked myself as to how sage the internet banking is. But with this additional feature, things might be up for a smoother sail 🙂

    1. Yes you are right bro. Additional protection for joint accounts can be imparted. Like one can get access to his on-line bank account only when fingerprints of both of the account holders will be provided to the login manager.

  3. Hi Nitin, Thanks a lot for sharing this information, which is really advanced and wonderful feature launched by the expert “Sony”. Hats off to the whole “Sony Team”. But here I have a small doubt, hackers are very intelligent, if one wants to hack your gmail account password, automatically he may get chances to hack all your account password details, while we are connecting that device along with our personal computer , when the internet is “Switched on”…. Is it secured ???? I am doubtful !!!!!!!!

    1. Sheriff,

      Sony here proposes use of fingerprints as your identity proof. So in the future, it may happen that we won’t be using passwords but biometrics.

      Your concern, Sheriff, is valid. Hackers can do crack this too. It may take little bit extra time than cracking the normal passwords. “Full proof security” on internet is just a myth.


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