Sony: Super Resolution Digital Zoom for Smartphones’ Camera

6 thoughts on “Sony: Super Resolution Digital Zoom for Smartphones’ Camera”

  1. Aaah, thats pretty interesting. I knew that the optical zoom was cos of the lenses moving, but the idea of super resolution is damn cool :). Hope they come with that soon. For now, I am still sticking to my Iphone 🙂

    1. Yes wait for them to implement it. The patent is granted and hence we think that soon they can provide this feature in their smart phones. It depends on the company only that whether they will or will not going to use these features. We are predicting only. However, me too looking for the same feature. 🙂 For the time being you can stick to your iPhone.

  2. Dear Nitin,
    I read your excellent articles on new products of big companies, it means you are promoting their products at no cost. As per my knowledge companies pay for such articles some thing between $25-00 to 250 per article.

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