Patent published on September 7, 2023

New Patent Could Turn AI into Personal Conflict Resolving Coach

We've all experienced it - the discomfort of navigating a heated argument or the awkwardness following a misunderstanding, wishing we had a way to better manage these tricky, often emotion-filled interactions. A recent patent application by Smarter Reality, Patent number US20230282126A1, aims to fundamentally change the game. It provides a unique insight into a method and system for a 'Conflict Resolution Simulator', a tool specifically designed to help improve our ability to handle conflicts more efficiently.

At first glance, one might wonder why we need such a tool. After all, aren't disagreements, arguments, and miscommunications a part of our daily lives? However, the issues arising from unmanaged or poorly managed conflicts can take a toll on our personal and professional relationships. They serve as hindrance to team productivity, disrupt workplace harmony and in worst cases can sour relationships irreparably.

This newly proposed patent offers a solution that equips individuals with the skills to address such conflicts. The simulator is designed to be your personal virtual trainer, acting as a sounding board for real-life situations. Your spoken words are recognized, processed, and responded to, encouraging a dynamic two-way discourse. More than that, it offers visual elements, providing related images or symbols to better elucidate the context, and makes it more interactive.

Imagine a world where every complex argument is handled maturely, every misunderstanding is calmly resolved, and interpersonal relationships are harmonious. Professionals, especially those in leadership roles, will find it easier to manage their teams, smoothly resolving internal conflicts. Individuals can handle personal conflicts more constructively, leading to healthier relationships. Educational institutions, like military academies, can use this tool to prepare their students better for real-world challenges.

However, a simple reminder: patents are filed ideas, they are not guaranteed products in the market. Just because it's a fantastic concept doesn't mean it'll be necessarily reaching us as a consumer product anytime soon. Keep an eye out, but remember, it's a patent, an intellectual blueprint, and not yet a product on shelves.

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