Samsung’s Iris Scanner Unlocks Smartphone With Your Eyes

3 thoughts on “Samsung’s Iris Scanner Unlocks Smartphone With Your Eyes”

  1. Sounds interesting! Iris scanning as a means of biometric authentication is not new, but its application in smartphone definitely is. How successful Samsung is at removing the clutter will be seen once they come up with smartphones using iris scanner to authenticate the user.

  2. Come on everyone…..wake the hell up! Iris scanning is very intrusive. It allows “anyone” with the proper technology, (cellphone carriers, advertising conglomerates, and yes even the government) a definitive way to identify “you” as the current user. They will always be able to tell who you are, where you are, what your kids are doing, and what you are saying. You won’t give this information to a perfect stranger, but that’s precisely what you’d be doing 24 hours a day. Think about it.

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