Sony: Super Powered Metal Bones for your Body

2 thoughts on “Sony: Super Powered Metal Bones for your Body”

  1. I have Transverse Myelitis and my mobility and balance has been severely impacted. I walk with two canes and I don’t have full range of motion with my legs. Many times, stairs are impossible. At home, I had to install a chairlift to get upstairs to my bedroom. I can see where this invention would open my world back up and I could keep up with the rest of the family enjoying life to the fullest. Especially being able to bend, lift and play with my grandchildren. We are expecting a couple of more additions to the family in the fall of this year. If you need a ‘tester’ in the United states, I would readily volunteer.

    1. This is sad to know that you are going through such a hard time Demitra. And yes this invention can turn your around and can bring it back to you.

      We really appreciate that you have volunteered for becoming a tester; however, we don’t have any connections with the inventor or the Company.

      Hoping to see this product in market ASAP.

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