Apple: Sports Friendly Earphones with Activity Monitoring

We all are health conscious now. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. Some of us want to lose weight, some want to increase stamina and some wants to increase their physical activities and overall health. Using wearable activity monitors like pedometers can help us to monitor our own activities to reach our goals.

We can see our daily progress that bolsters our will to run an extra lap and to walk an extra mile. Different kinds of activity monitors are prevalent in market. A person can choose a wearable wristband monitor or a shoe with sensor mounted therein. They inform the wearer about the distance he traveled and the speed with which he is moving.

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Samsung: You cannot guess my password

Has this ever happened with you that your smartphone’s password was guessed by your friend sitting next to you?  Yes this is something pretty common. The new pattern locks that most of the smartphones are providing, are not that much secure. If your friend’s mind is pretty sharp then with small efforts he will guess the pattern you have been using to unlock your smartphone.

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Google: Smart Contact Lens That Keeps Your Eye Hydrated

They are coming up with lots of new disruptive products in computer applications, wearable devices, security systems, mobile applications and the like. On Jan 16, 2014, Google announced their smart contact lens project. The lens is meant to help diabetics measure their glucose levels . However, there are certain discomforts associated with wearing contact lens. …

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LG: Your Smartphone Knows When to Enter into Screen Lock Mode

The screen lock in our smartphone provides us lot of convenience viz. it avoids unnecessary inputs and at the same time it saves power consumption and increases battery performance which is very important. Generally when we do not use our screen for a predetermined time interval, then our screen will be locked and smartphone enters …

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Hang Your iPhone Anywhere by Using Magnetic Attachment Unit of Apple

Does it happen to you that while drafting an email on your smart phone or tablet, you felt the need of a keyboard? This was one scenario that is very common to all of us. Now think of another one in which you and your friends were watching a movie on your smart phone and you felt that it would be great if you could have a stand on which you can place your smart phone. Sometimes you want to hang your tablet on the wall or want to attach joysticks with it while playing a game.

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Google: Why to Enter Full Password Everytime

Has this ever happened to you that whenever you got up from your seat for a coffee, water or a quick chat with your manager, on your return you found your computer to be locked. In a lot of companies the ‘time to lock’ is so less that even if your system is idle for sometime your computer will get locked. This means entering the long password everytime to enter into your system.

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