Patent published on November 21, 2023

Microsoft's New Patent Could Make Messaging on Teams More Expressive

In a world increasingly inclined towards digital communication, expressing our emotions in texts can be a tough task. Microsoft Technology Licensing has addressed this issue with their recently patented technology - US11824821B2 titled "Modifying an avatar to reflect a user's expression in a messaging platform." Real-time feelings and expressions in messaging platforms are about to get a whole lot more lively!

Current messaging systems fall short in providing users a dynamic way to share their feelings. The little emoji that refuses to behave the way you want, the textual representation that looks nothing like how you feel, or the slang expressions that go over your friend's head - these are all too common scenarios. Plus, these methods aren't responsive to the status or the feelings of the recipient. Such limitations can hamper effective communication and expression of emotions.

Microsoft's patent is designed to solve these issues by improving the functionality and flexibility of communication applications. It uses avatars - graphical representations of users - to make message interactions more expressive and engaging. This system adjusts the presentation of these avatars based on your mood and the recipient's status. An upgrade from the existing emoticons and animations, these avatars reflect the emotions of the sender and their intent behind the message accurately. It's like having a personal messenger deliver your feelings!

Imagine chatting with your boss after a hectic meeting. Your avatar, accurately sensing your fatigue, would appear weary. It would allow your boss to grasp your state of mind better than a 'tired emoji' ever could. Similarly, while texting your friend after a basketball match win, your avatar's jubilant expression could very well mirror your own.

The patented technology, if integrated into platforms like Microsoft Teams, promises to enhance virtual communication and render it more human-like. However, bring to mind that this is a patented technology; there's no certainty yet about when (or indeed if) it will hit the market. Yet, the possibility of a digital platform resonating with our emotions feels just within grasp - a prospect that's both exciting and expressively expressive!

*P.S.: Remember, patents are preliminary steps in the development of a product. It’s yet to be determined if and when Microsoft would integrate this technology into their products.*

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