Patent published on January 2, 2024

Microsoft Photo Fusion: Patent Improves Picture Quality

Image Fusion Patent Improves Picture Quality: Microsoft Photo Fusion

In a world where capturing the perfect photograph has become an everyday affair, the need for high-quality images has never been more vital. However, photography enthusiasts often face the challenge of dealing with pictures that are either too bright or too dark, leaving them disappointed and craving a solution. Microsoft Technology Licensing recognizes this problem and presents their latest invention in their recently published patent titled "Image frame selection for multi-frame fusion" (patent number: US11863880B2). This patent introduces an innovative technique to improve picture quality and provide a stunning visual experience.

The core problem being solved by this patent is the inconsistency in image quality that arises from overexposed or underexposed photographs. Conventional techniques fail to address the issue effectively, as they rely on merging a predetermined reference frame based on a fixed or predetermined time difference between capturing the highlight recovery frame and the reference image frame during the preview mode. However, significant movement in the scene being captured results in a substantial difference in content between the selected reference frame and the highlight recovery frame. This limitation leads to the fusion of image frames that produce blurred or corrupted views, ultimately failing to capture the true essence of the scene.

To overcome this challenge, Microsoft's invention leverages an image fusion engine that compares multiple frames captured by the camera. The fusion engine combines these frames to generate a final image frame with a high or wider dynamic range. Notably, the invention identifies and utilizes one or more image frames captured during the preview mode, referred to as history image frames, to fuse with the highlight recovery frame captured when the shutter button is pressed. These history image frames exhibit relatively similar content to the highlight recovery frame, ensuring a seamless fusion process and eliminating the issues of blurriness or corruption.

Once this patent's technology is implemented and incorporated into a product like Microsoft Photo Fusion, the world of photography will witness a transformation. Users will now be able to capture images with enhanced clarity, overcoming the challenges posed by varying exposure levels and movement in scenes. By fusing multiple image frames intelligently, Photo Fusion will deliver breathtaking photographs that truly represent the beauty of the captured moments.

Imagine a photographer capturing a scenic landscape during sunset. With Microsoft Photo Fusion, they can achieve a final image that balances the vibrant colors of the setting sun while still retaining the subtle details in the darker areas of the scene. Similarly, in a fast-paced sports event, users can enjoy sharper and clearer images of athletes in action, without the blurriness caused by their rapid movements. Microsoft Photo Fusion revolutionizes the way we perceive and capture images, leaving us with awe-inspiring visual memories.

It is important to note that this innovation is still a patent, and its appearance in the market is not guaranteed. However, if Microsoft Photo Fusion becomes a reality, it will undoubtedly unlock immense potential for photography enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone seeking to capture life's precious moments with unparalleled quality.

P.S. This article is based on a recently published patent by Microsoft Technology Licensing (patent number: US11863880B2). As with any patent, there is no certainty that this technology will be released as a market-ready product.

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