Patent published on June 2, 2017

Facebook will soon allow you to combine multiple posts into one story

Every 60 seconds 136k photos and per day 300 million photos are uploaded on Facebook.

To keep users engaged, Facebook keeps rolling new features.  I personally like that one which reminds you of a past memory.

Now Facebook may roll another update – hints a patent – that will allow you to combine multiple posts into a single story.

This feature will come handy when, for example, you will be travelling and sharing Facebook updates during let say a 10 day period. When you return back, you can club them into a single update.

The patent discloses that algorithm of Facebook will compare your current update with your past updates to find a relevancy. If it detects that there are last update relevant to the current one, it will ask you to combine them.

add related post option in Facebook

If you approve FB’s request, it will combine all those updates in a manner similar to how it shows your pictures in an album.  This will then appear on your news feed.

Also, you may soon find a “add related post” button under an update. You can manually club related updates using this feature.

The patent also discusses keeping a time frame to club similar stories. For example, the “add related post” button may be visible for a six hour period. If you add something within six hours, the clock will start ticking from the beginning again.

Your friends will be allowed to contribute to a story by adding videos, images or text updates. You can set the privacy on who can view such a combined story like you do for other updates.

This may look like Instagram displays multiple images in a carousel.

Multiple posts stories

Also, the recent updates will be shown first followed by the others. The updates added by you as well as your friends will get arranged automatically a timeline manner.

Did you know? : Like stories feature, Facebook copied the ridesharing feature from BlaBlaCar

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