Bing Wants to Personalize Search Engine Results for You

2 thoughts on “Bing Wants to Personalize Search Engine Results for You”

  1. Bing seems to be enhancing its search capabilities with personalization. Probably that’s a good way to differentiate from Google. That they have upped their marketing efforts is very apparent. The question is what % of users would like the search engine to show personalized results. Many people may not like too.

    1. Hi Somali,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, you are right Bing is trying to improve its services and this algorithm is one among them. But you will be surprised to know that Google is already doing it for years. You may not know but if you have logged on to your Google account while using their search engines then they record your search pattern and modify the search results for you later. Google named it as “Google Bubble”.

      Now what piques my interest in this patent is its impact. I want to know that whether it’s gonna become better than Google Bubble or gonna be just another algorithm.

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