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A smart home, basically, is a mixture of several advanced technologies which work together to do a certain task. Added to that is the fall in price. Smart home technology today is not that expensive like 20 years ago.

Home gadgets are available at affordable price and IoT makes every device wireless connected and saving you from using hard wires which was mandatory in early days. This make it easier to enjoy the benefits of modern home automation brings along like convenience, high security, money saving, and durability etc.

Today, we would discuss, in brief, 5 different technologies that are going to make these things possible. These are as follows:

Home Automation

Often people use the term home automation and smart home interchangeably but there is a difference. Home automation is a concept of late 70’s while the smart home came into light in 90’s.

Earlier home automation automated certain home features – hence the term. The installation and maintenance was high as the technology was immature. It required extra wires and multiple remotes and increase energy consumption.

Modern home automation is far more different than its predecessor. The IoT and smartphones have made installation easy and controlling devices from thousand miles away possible. WiFi and Bluetooth have added sweetness in the home automation.

Unlike home automation, you won’t need multiple remotes in smart home systems. You can control thermostats, HVAC, lighting, washer, dryers, ovens, refrigerator, windows, doors gates etc. with a single device.

personal assistants

Personal assistants have become a part of personal as well as professional life. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have already become a member of our home.

You use them for a lot of things ranging from scheduling meetings, finding answers, and in daily chores. Further, as these assistants are powered by strong machine learning algorithms, hence they are getting only smarter every day.

Another example of a smart personal assistant is Jarvis. Mark Zukerberg is its master and how it helps mark, he revealed last year in this video. I also want something similar! I know you, too.

google home

TVs, refrigerators, ACs, washing machine, like consumer electronics are essential part of our houses and until they are not smart, we can’t hit our goal of a true smart home.

Google seems like having a plan to integrate Google Assistant into a range of consumer electronic devices. You will be giving voice command via your smartphone to your washing machine to wash your cloth or will be asking your refrigerator how much milk is left in the bottle.

To let you know, there already are such TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave Oven, cameras, lights etc. Further, companies are trying to add multiple features in a single device. Qualcomm, for example, will be using Wi-Fi router also as indoor radar for theft alarming.

After being used in many areas such as corporations, defense, healthcare, in future you may see robots getting involved in a lot of chores.

You will find a lot of robots for floor dusting and washing and mowing your lawn.

They will be greeting guest and will be cooking food in kitchen. Many restaurants are already using robots to cook and serve.

If that isn’t enough, you may have a robotic pet. Temi is one such robot. It follows you around in your home, plays music for you, chat with you, dial your parents, and the like.

Recently, a Chinese firm Qihan introduced an Amazon Alexa-powered home robot, Sanbot Nano. It can control home automation and can to do cool things like ordering pizza for you.

Solar Panel

Saving electricity is important. Not only this saves us from paying hefty bill but saves our environment as well. A smart home energy management system (HEMS) will help you achieve these goals.

An HEMS calculates energy consumption of each device and then control and schedule home devices and appliances in a manner that they use less electricity.

Robust security, clean and green environment, and less energy consumption are all we want. Your smart home will help you satisfy these wants. The future truly seems interesting to me.

That’s all from my side. Now the ball is in your court – have your say by commenting below. If you feel I missed including something, just let me know. Also, I have a recommendation to make. Here is another interesting read for you: Uber’s Driverless Cars will reinvent the rider’s experience.

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