Patent published on August 7, 2015

Apple’s Non-Rectangular Battery Could Take Multiple Shapes

A tug-of-war goes in the head of a phone buyer who is deciding between a sensible sized phone which would fit into the palm of their hand and a big screen with an enthralling video experience. 

But Samsung comes to aid such users with their latest phone idea. 

Samsung is soon going to release a new foldable smartphone which would totally make sense why they choose to name their foldable smartphone named Galaxy Z. 

Currently, Samsung unveiled three foldable phones, Galaxy Z Fold, Galaxy Z Fold2, and Galaxy Z Flip. 

The new design will not just fold its phone a single time but double which would give it the shape of Z. 

Although it’s not the first time, Samsung relieved this design. A Samsung’s design patent on this prototype got published in the last year but this time, Samsung filed a utility patent on this smartphone that means they showcased how it’s going to work. 

The patent describes a tablet-sized screen that can be folded from both ends. 

Here the patent image shows how initially the screen is laid out flat. The highlighted parts show where the screen is folded.

Here the screen is shown folded from both ends. One of the screen faces folds forward and one folds backward. 

The image below shows one end of the screen folded. 

The end result may look something like this. As the image shows, the phone can be folded to have either of the bezel parts as the main screen or it can be folded in such a way that the middle bezel-less part becomes the main phone screen. 

This will allow users to carry around a big tablet in their pocket. Once implemented this will be a win-win both in the aspect of the comfort of a small phone and the luxury of a big screen. 

One can unfold their phones to experience gaming or movie watching on a big screen and fold it back again when on the move. 

Apart from being a double fold, foldable screen, another thing that sets this design apart is the fact that when other manufacturers like Motorola and LG provide folding phones, we get a normal-sized phone screen and a smaller folded version of it. On the other hand, Samsung’s Z-Fold will give its users a phone and a tablet screen both in one. 

Samsung, one of the leading 5g chip makers, is currently the leading foldable smartphone maker in terms of market share. Some predicted that Samsung could sell up to 4 million foldable phones this year capturing an 80% foldable phone market share.

With such a strong position, it is not surprising that Samsung is trying to raise the bar higher than it is now.

Many prominent smartphone companies like Apple has yet to release a foldable smartphone.

And if not soon, Apple soon is going to be left behind in the next-gen smartphone wave which many would think would be a foldable phone.

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