Patent published on December 27, 2016

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The future of transportation will seem to be dominated by self-driving vehicles. These autonomous vehicles will surely aid in reducing roads accidents to a great extent. But many companies know that it will take a lot of years for self-driving vehicles to become prominent all over the world.

That’s why many companies are not entirely focusing on integrating AI for providing a robotic chauffeur. Rather they are using AI to make a car smart other way around.

There, for example, are technologies which help us avoid road accidents. Tesla’s auto-pilot is a great example. Its veracity to detect a future road accident is awesome. Also, gadgets like Apple watch will help us to not get distracted while making a sharp turn in the middle of a road. Other technologies, such as an app, will disable our smartphones when driving on a highway.

Similarly, an AI company named VoiceBox technologies is also working on building a smart assistant for drivers. A recent patent application by them got published on USPTO which discloses the concept of finding crucial moments where a driver must not get distracted.

The company has been partnered with Samsung, Toyota, AT&T and many other big companies. Since it’s a partner of Toyota, there are chances of it powering Toyota’s vehicle.

As per the patent, The AI powered smart driving assistant will find the cognitive load on a driver on the basis of his way of engagement with its computer.

The driving assistant will use various factors to find a driver’s psychological state and will initiate a conversation with him accordingly.

The smart driving assistant will be intelligent enough to disengage its conversation to let a driver concentrate on road after detecting that driving is complex (traffic, turns or traffic lights) at the moment.

The driving assistant will also do this once it finds inclement weather, nearby accident, road construction and road conditions.

And when driving condition will become normal, the assistant will resume the chit chat from the same point it. Cool! Isn’t it?

various responses by smart driving assistant

Also, if it finds driver being tired or sleepy, it will crack some farcical jokes or may play music to refresh mood of a driver. Furthermore, it will suggest cafés, fast food outlets, or drive-thru to pull over to have some coffee or snacks.

Also, it will help you drive safe by instructing you to fasten your seat-belt, making you follow current speed limit, and the like.

Similarly, LG has a smartwatch for drivers which has capabilities to avoid road accidents and saving lives.

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