Wal-Mart will provide feature-based reviews for every product

2 thoughts on “Wal-Mart will provide feature-based reviews for every product”

  1. Multi variable review . . . .
    Sorry, why is this news?
    I mean, it’s fine that Wallmart has figured out that you can review a product based on more than just 5 stars but really? Yawn. . .

  2. Does anyone read these patent applications? This is not an application that simply claims a feature-based review scheme….that would not be novel. Instead, it teaches the development of an AI that creates and then populates a customized multi-variable review scheme for each product by extracting and classifying users’ thoughts from “traditional” reviews. It would analyze a batch of classic, paragraph-form reviews and build product feature sets and corresponding ratings based on what it can parse out.

    My bet is that this patent is being applied for as ammunition against Amazon. Most online sites have millions of reviews that are in paragraph form and it’s foreseeable that they’d want to mine them for specific information about critical product features.

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