Patent published on August 30, 2017

Samsung just patent smart headphones that can adjust volumes based on what you’re doing

Samsung just patented headphones that can adjust volume automatically based on where you are present. It can decipher whether you’re in a gym, running in a park or relaxing at your home. The headphones can use your smartphone to determine what you’re doing.

The headphones can use sensors of your smartphone to determine what you’re doing and then it adjusts the volume accordingly. 

It happens too often that we need to re-adjust the volume each time we plug the headphones in. Workouts and jogging usually require high volume as compared to other activities like reading, to cancel out the outside noises.

Not sure about the daily activity but, It will be of a lot of help for people who usually fell asleep while listening to music. Your headphones will automatically turn the volume down, or even stop the music. 

[0005] Generally, within the technical field of earphones a user selects what he/she wants to listen to. It is common that users fall asleep when listening to music or other audio. In state of the art music players it is possible to set a timer for how long the music is going to play before stopping. However, this function requires that the user knows when he/she will fall asleep, or how soon the user expects to fall asleep. In many cases the user does not know how long time it will take to fall asleep; 5 minutes or 50 minutes, and therefore correctly setting a timer is not an easy task.  – Application 20170251295

You may consider it normal to sleep with your headphones on but it can become a big problem in the long run. Continuous exposure to high volumes can become a real pain in your ears, causing Tinnitus, and Vertigo like problems.

The patent also mentions that these smart headphones will be able to determine whether they’re in your ears or not. When not in the ears, the headphones will be able to pause music automatically.

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