Patent published on September 19, 2023

New Patent Could Make TiVo Tailor Viewing Experience for You

In the world today, binge-watching your favorite shows or movies has become an integral part of relaxation. Be it the intense drama in 'Breaking Bad' or the high-octane action of 'Avengers', each film or series is an individual experience, different in not just the storyline but also in terms of settings like background lighting and subtitles.

The major snag, under Patent US11765429B2, lies in our standard television sets or devices that display all content uniformly. We find ourselves contending with the puzzle of navigating through an array of confusing device functionalities to adjust each factor to our liking. Picture this: You would ideally want more brightness for that quaint horror film or maybe English subtitles for your favorite Italian drama. Now you need to manually control it for every unique show you watch. Even worse, you might not be aware of the most suitable viewing settings and thus settle for a less than satisfactory viewing experience.

Rovi Guides has come up with a vision to remedy this issue. Their latest patent, titled "System and method to identify and recommend media consumption options based on viewer suggestions," is designed to make your viewing experience easier and more personalized. It does so by using recommendations of other viewers who have watched the same show or movie, potentially adjusting the settings based on these suggestions.

Figures within the patent, like FIG. 1, provide a comprehensive breakdown of how the system identifies these comments, makes configuration recommendations, and adjusts your device.

Consider if hundreds of 'Game of Thrones' fans recommend a particular brightness level for better watching experience, your television set will automatically adjust to this brightness, provided it has the necessary features and it knows you are watching the show. This way, the next time you sit down to watch, your TV is already personalized to give you the best experience.

In a post-patent world, this invention would lead to a more interactive television experience. Your preferences, combined with those of other viewers, will shape standardized settings for each unique show or movie. You do not have to worry about understanding technical aspects; just join the ride, and let the system take care of the rest.

Moreover, the system is not limited to pre-existing technical features of your device. As Fig. 4 suggests, the system monitors a diverse range of sources for recommendations, ensuring it stays up-to-date and keeps improving. If fully realized, this technology might completely revolutionize how you consume content, focusing less on technicalities and more on the content itself.

P.S. Please note, this is a patent, and while fascinating, there's no surefire way of knowing whether this will be in the market soon. But it does show the direction in which technology can transform our lives even in the most leisurely activities.

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