Hang Your iPhone Anywhere by Using Magnetic Attachment Unit of Apple

Does it happen to you that while drafting an email on your smart phone or tablet, you felt the need of a keyboard? This was one scenario that is very common to all of us. Now think of another one in which you and your friends were watching a movie on your smart phone and you felt that it would be great if you could have a stand on which you can place your smart phone. Sometimes you want to hang your tablet on the wall or want to attach joysticks with it while playing a game.

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Google: Why to Enter Full Password Everytime

Has this ever happened to you that whenever you got up from your seat for a coffee, water or a quick chat with your manager, on your return you found your computer to be locked. In a lot of companies the ‘time to lock’ is so less that even if your system is idle for sometime your computer will get locked. This means entering the long password everytime to enter into your system.

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LG: A Device that can Replace all the Tablets in the Market


With the fast growth of digital devices, users are slowly moving towards writing texts on their digital devices with a stylus pen or their own fingers.

However, despite the supply of such convenient display devices, users are still more inclined to use pens or pencils to draw hand-drawn sketches on paper notebooks or notepads.

Such hand-drawing method still provides a better quality, which cannot yet be fully provided by the recent digital devices. However, since the conventional hand-drawn sketches have disadvantages, such as being difficult to preserve and being inconvenient to carry.

The digital device is advantageous in that the digital device can store image and has greater mobility.

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Microsoft: New Mouse and New Notification Feature

Now days we use many type of computer programs and communication systems those have notification features.

For example, when we receive an email on Outlook, it notifies us by a visual icon that appears on screen of our computer or may be producing an audible sound.

You might have observed similar notifications for Facebook or Gtalk. However, this feature loses its effectiveness if a user is not present at his desk or is present at a good distance from his system.

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Lenovo: Just Plug your Earphones and Play

We love to hear music using our headphones. Now-a-days headphones provide us different features like noise isolation and improved sound quality and using them enhances audio/video experience. Often, we take off headphones to talk to someone without disconnecting headphones from the jack and the music player continues to play the music. When we plug our headphones back, we realize that we have missed the song. We are sure this would have happened to all of us.

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Mitsubishi’s Air Conditioner that understands People

It uses to happen that whenever you enter into your room you have to set your AC controllers using AC remote to meet an environment which can provide you maximum comfort. Sometimes it also happens that person present in the room with you is having completely different sensitivity toward temperature. He may want to decrease …

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