Offline Payment in Google Wallet Can Make Mobile Payments Go Mainstream

9 thoughts on “Offline Payment in Google Wallet Can Make Mobile Payments Go Mainstream”

  1. Don’t they mean Android Pay and not Google Wallet since the functionality was split? Android Pay is the NFC/Terminal pay app and GW is just that, a “wallet” app.

      1. But they are technically distinctly separate apps. I don’t have to have to have both for either to work. They are not mutually inclusive. The NFC payment functionality was moved to Android Pay. GW no longer offers that functionality. Listing GW in the article as the source app is erroneous and only causes confusion.

  2. This was my main complaint with the previous version as local wifi was
    quite likely to interfere with your network connectivity. Your choice to
    get wallet to work was to either turn off wifi, or to log in to the
    local hot spot first. Annoying.

  3. I am still skeptical about making online payments using my cell, but well if I can set the limit on the fund then it would appear much safer and if it works in the offline mode probably even I can think of using the cell as a card or a wallet in future. Not bad.

  4. very informative stuff ! Maybe a few folks like me who are very conservative when it comes to finance can finally get to use mobile payments

  5. What if offline account holder never go online after having a transaction to a POS Terminal or with his friends another offline wallet and then he rollback his phone data anyhow to the earlier state (means before transaction state). Can he reuse his balance with this formula? Does it mean, POS terminal is online and has ability to verify user account balance from online?

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