Patent published on August 22, 2023

Nike's New Patent Could Change How We Track Fitness

Imagine you're running around the park, it's your usual evening jog and you're dripping with sweat. At the end of the run, you desire feedback. How far have you run? What is your heart rate? Have you beat your previous record? And most importantly, how can you improve for the next run? Currently, the options for tracking athletic activity, while vast, are burdened with limitations - from cumbersome data transfer to the limited range of monitored activities. However, a recent patent, US11735308B2, by Nike might just be the key to overcoming these hitches while adding some extraordinary new features.

The problems inherent in the current athletic performance monitoring devices are many-fold. Firstly, information display tends to be tied down to a portable audio player; many users prefer to view their data separately. Others fall short when it comes to transferring data to a personal computer for further analysis. Some trackers can only monitor a single type of athletic activity. Lastly, many devices lack creative and motivational feedback to the user. This patent by Nike aims to leave these drawbacks in the dust.

Much like a smartwatch, this wearable gadget does it all. Helping to monitor multiple types of athletic performances, it encompasses tracking speed, distance, altitude, heart rate, body temperature, steps taken and more. But unlike most smartwatches on the market, Nike's patent showcases illuminating features that change color based on the level of activity. Not only does it spell out your unique fitness data, it also visually demonstrates your progress - a real showstopper on your wrist!

The wearable fitness tracker can be worn comfortably on various body parts, including on your wrist, chest, head, ankle or thigh. Thus, eliminating the need for bothersome adjustments during a workout. More functionality lies in its compact design that incorporates a reliable data transfer feature via a USB connector. Yes, you read that right - this device will interact with your mobile devices and even remote websites to serve you a personalized fitness experience.

For the workout enthusiasts who rule both day and night, this tracker keeps a record of your activities for a complete 24-hour period. The indicator system gives you an easy and enhanced method to communicate activity information. It brings forward a design that's flexible and brings enough rigidity to ensure that the device components remain safe.

Let's visualize a world, post this innovation. You've just got your hands on Nike's advanced wearable athletic performance monitor. You strap it on your wrist, head off for a run. With each passing minute, the device lights on your wrist change colors, painting a real-time portrait of your fitness regime. They're not only a visual treat but also keeps you updated, and motivated about the progress you're making. Even during a tournament or a game, the device will blend well with your gear and keep feeding you the data you need to monitor your performance in real-time.

But let's remember, this is a patent. While it paints a promising picture of the future of fitness tracking, there's no absolute certainty that this device will hit the market. If it does, it could revolutionize the way we perceive exercise, transforming it into an interactive and enhanced experience. Or, it remains confined to the pages of a patent document. Whatever the outcome may be, one thing is for sure - the future of fitness is glowing brightly.

Nike's patent US11735308B2 is an indication of a shift. A move to innovation that's not only effective in its performance but also engaging, visually exciting, and one that lends an amplified and enriched user experience. Here’s to moving beyond mere numbers and stepping into a future where fitness tracking is woven seamlessly into the fabric of living.

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