Do You Know How Google Detects Fake Names?

11 thoughts on “Do You Know How Google Detects Fake Names?”

  1. The initiative by google is good. A huge majority of the people will support the idea that anonymity on the internet should go away.
    But an equally large chunk of people will prefer to be unknown. Like Mr Brown would be a very common name. Or maybe Mr smith, Mr anderson or Mr anil kumar. How will google take care of that.

    1. HI Amsang,
      Great question. Yes you are right these sort of names are real. Google can’t stop someone from using it I believe.
      In future, they can use other methods like uploading a scanned copy of your ID-card or DL for authentication or name verifications. FB asks you to upload your ID card or similar document for verification when they find something suspicious or in case your account is under threat.

      You may have noticed that while registering for any of the Google’s services you have to verify your phone number. In future it can happen that Google may ask your phone service provider to provide them the basic details like name of the customer and his photograph. This can be another method.

    1. Yes this prevents the social network anonymity. However, Google has already dropped the restrictions that it used to impose earlier on users to use their real name while filing up the registration form.

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