Patent published on May 30, 2024

New Patent: Forethought Technologies' AI-Powered Support for Easier Customer Assistance

New Patent: AI-Powered Support Revolutionizes Customer Assistance

Forethought Technologies, a leading innovator in AI technology, has recently published a groundbreaking patent that could revolutionize customer support. With the patent titled "System And Method of Using Generative AI for Customer Support" (US20240177172A1), Forethought Technologies aims to tackle the core problem faced by both support agents and customers in the customer support industry: the inefficiency of finding accurate and timely solutions to customer queries.

The current state of customer support often leads to frustration for both customers and support agents. Human agents face challenges in utilizing institutional knowledge effectively, resulting in unproductive searches and wasting valuable time. Additionally, the manual process of categorizing and routing tickets is resource-intensive and causes delays in responding to customer inquiries. Customers, on the other hand, experience frustration when their queries are met with long wait times or inadequate responses.

Forethought Technologies' patent addresses these critical issues by introducing an innovative solution powered by generative AI. The patent describes a system and method that fine-tunes an AI model to generate template workflow answers based on real answers provided by human agents. This AI model can also incorporate empathy training to ensure more understanding and friendly interactions with customers. Furthermore, the system utilizes other programs and APIs to gather additional information and improve the quality of the responses.

The impact of this patent on the customer support industry is expected to be substantial. Once implemented, customer support interactions will become more efficient and effective, alleviating the burden on both support agents and customers. Real-life examples of how people will benefit from this AI-powered support system can be seen across various platforms, including:

1. AI-powered Customer Support Chatbots: Chatbots equipped with Forethought Technologies' AI technology will be able to provide instant and accurate responses to customer queries. Customers will no longer need to wait for a human agent and can receive support round the clock.

2. Improved Ticket Routing and Categorization: The AI system's automatic identification of categories and subcategories will enable prompt ticket routing, minimizing wait times and streamlining the support process. Support agents can focus on resolving issues rather than spending time manually labeling and routing tickets.

3. Seamless Integration of Knowledge Bases: By effectively utilizing the wealth of institutional knowledge available within organizations, the patent's technology will enable support agents to access essential information faster and provide accurate and comprehensive responses to customer inquiries.

It is important to note that, as with any patent, there is no guarantee that this technology will appear in the market. Nonetheless, Forethought Technologies' patent presents a promising solution to long-standing issues in the customer support industry. Should this technology be implemented, it has the potential to transform the customer support landscape and provide customers with enhanced assistance while improving the overall efficiency of support operations.

P.S. This article is based on a recently published patent (US20240177172A1) by Forethought Technologies. While the patent offers innovative solutions for customer support, it is important to acknowledge that the appearance of this technology in the market is uncertain.

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