Patent published on October 12, 2023

New Patent Could Make Conduent Analytics Platform Understand Your Feelings Better

At its core, CONDUENT BUSINESS SERVICES is setting out to solve a formidable problem with their new patent- US20230325604A1: deciphering the emotions behind our conversations. This tool, created with the aim of revolutionizing sentiment and emotion analysis, goes beyond mere words, digging deep into the tone and context of conversational data to guess the emotions being felt and their intensity.

As it is, understanding emotions and sentiments in conversations has been a challenging task for businesses - specifically call centers. Besides the sheer bulk and variety of discussions, other stumbling blocks exist such as slang terms, shorthand, inaccuracies and incomplete text. In addition, the shortcomings of existing models add to the issue - presenting results that are often misguidedly neutral, failing to differentiate between varying levels of negative or positive sentiments and hence lacking in precision. As a result, businesses have had to put in exorbitant amounts of manual effort to sift through the data, a rather time-consuming and unproductive task.

This new patent, however, aims to alleviate such difficulties. Its purpose is to construct a dependable sentiment analysis system that not only factors in the emotion of the person speaking but also takes into account individual utterances, or segments of conversation, in its evaluations. Unlike traditional systems, this tool will identify satisfaction through sentiment classification in real-time rather than waiting for survey results.

How does this change the picture for businesses, call centers and other service providers to be exact? Let’s use an example: Imagine a busy, bustling call center that receives millions of customer comments every day. Among these are negative comments. With the existing sentiment analysis systems, these negative comments are weighted equally, making it nearly impossible to swiftly identify and respond to more critical negative comments that could result in a significant business loss if left unaddressed. However, with the implementation of this newly patented tool, not only would it be possible to gauge the sentiment behind individual utterances but also to assign priority to them based on their perceived intensity of emotion. This means that those more critical comments flagged as highly negative would be identified immediately, and could be swiftly redressed, saving the company time and maintaining customer satisfaction.

And as the world continues to embrace technology on all fronts and data becomes the new gold, such a tool could indeed be instrumental in personalizing and enhancing customer service, nurturing customer relationships, improving marketing strategies among other endless possibilities.

It ought to be observed though, that this innovation while exciting, is currently only a patent. This means there is no certainty that it will be developed and introduced in the market. Notwithstanding, the potential it holds is nothing short of remarkable, and provides a glimpse into a future where the gap between technological interactions and human emotions could be significantly narrowed.

Keep your eyes on this space to stay updated on its development journey and the subsequent ripple effects on the business landscape worldwide.

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