Google: Why to Enter Full Password Everytime

Has this ever happened to you that whenever you got up from your seat for a coffee, water or a quick chat with your manager, on your return you found your computer to be locked. In a lot of companies the ‘time to lock’ is so less that even if your system is idle for sometime your computer will get locked. This means entering the long password everytime to enter into your system.

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Microsoft: New Mouse and New Notification Feature

Now days we use many type of computer programs and communication systems those have notification features.

For example, when we receive an email on Outlook, it notifies us by a visual icon that appears on screen of our computer or may be producing an audible sound.

You might have observed similar notifications for Facebook or Gtalk. However, this feature loses its effectiveness if a user is not present at his desk or is present at a good distance from his system.

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