Patent published on January 18, 2021

Apple Patent Shows a New Looks for its Earphone

Since Apple released Airpods its took the wireless headphone market by Storm and now holds the largest 26% of the wireless headphone market, as per Statista

Not to mention, Apple also acquired Beats in 2014, so Apple holds a pretty decent market for wireless headphones. 

If consider, Beats by Dre is kind of a competitor for Apple brand too that’s why they are trying to gradually convert the Beats product to Apple and the result would be Beats Demise.

The AirPods are Apple’s entry-level wireless headphones, sold alongside AirPods Pro, higher-end wireless earbuds, and AirPods Max, wireless over-ear headphones. 

At an Apple earnings call, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, called AirPods “nothing less than a cultural phenomenon”.

Apple Inc. filed for a patent application for earphones with an ear hook titled “Earphones With A Formable Ear Hook”. 

The patent talks about earphones that include an ear hook that provides improved wearing comfort and an improved user experience with the earphones. 

The earphones’ hook will be curved and made from a flexible material. The bent shape of the hook is supposed to align with the shape of the ear. 

The purpose of the ear hook is to fix the headphones in place in an efficient and attractive manner. It also allows movement like running or jogging which makes it ideal for athletes. 

Interestingly this patent comes after the Hong Kong Patent Office granted Apple 9 design patents covering Powerbeats Pro earphones and charging cases.

Based on the patent Apple may introduce a version of AirPods with an ear hook design to provide a secure fit for athletes. It depends on whether Apple plans on killing off Beats which has been a topic of debate among many. 

But experts believe that it’s highly unlikely that Apple will kill off arguably the most profitable, popular, and recognizable headphone brand in the world.

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