Patent published on September 7, 2017

Airbus designed a new chair to save passengers during a crash landing

Airbus has filed a patent application that reveals a kind of seat for its aircraft that in an event of crash landing will make sure a passenger doesn’t get hurt.

In general, a floor of an aircraft has rails. Chairs are fastened to these rails so that they can slide independently – for adjustment or easy modification of seats.

During a crash landing speed of an airplane decreases abruptly. This sometimes creates a momentary jerk powerful enough to deform floor of aircraft. This leads to chairs sliding downward or even getting twisted leading to fatal injuries.

Though one or more equipment to absorb energy generated due to a jerk remain present in current aircraft seats. It generally gets installed in a seat stand. However, the problem is that in an event of crash, the stand of a seat gets deformed which leads to a portion of energy due to jerk hurting a seated passenger.

Airbus designed the chair by keeping these factors in mind. Its design absorbs that sudden jerk arising due to an instantaneous declaration and floor deformation. It prevents that jerk from transmitting to a chair thereby saving a passenger from fatal injuries.

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