Adaptive Screens by Google Change based on Where You Are

8 thoughts on “Adaptive Screens by Google Change based on Where You Are”

  1. These things used to belong in SciFi books and movies when we were kids… can’t believe we will live to see these!!

  2. Like accelerometer technology I guess, by measuring the distance the mobile responds. This is most innovative, though Sci-Fi has the technology but on the web it would be a revolution, media is different.

    1. This is not something that is getting sensationalized by media, as you are saying. The technology can be implemented and in past, similar sort of tech has been used by other companies; for example Nvidia.

  3. No more tapping. Viewing tv will become a bot more passive 🙂 with remote functions reduced to just a few. I don’t know, do we already have a voice command activated tv from someone?

    1. There are some companies that are using or planning to use voice command in TV. Sony even use motion sensors in their TV to judge whether a viewer is there watching TV or not.

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